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Vacuum Storage Bag

  • Comparison Before and After Compressing
  • 100*70

  • 70*50

  • 80*60

  • 80*60
  • 100*70
  • 50*35
  • 70*50

The packaging bag design is customizable, and the above packaging bag pictures are offered for your reference only.

1. Vacuum storage bag is used for storing quilts, blankets, down clothes, etc., it has the advantages of antibacterial, mildew proof, anti-moth, odor resistant.
2. The advanced extraction valve can easily discharge the gas inside the bag, prevent the entry of external gas. Double zipper can isolate the air more effectively, save storage space for a long time.
3. Material: NY/PE, thickness: 10-12 microns
4. Bag size: 100*70cm, 80*60cm, 70*50cm, 50*35cm. This storage bag can be provided with transparent appearance, and also customized printing patterns according to the customer requirements.
5. Different size of bags can put together in a bag, that is the sales of combination. We are authorized to sell this bag, so if you like, kindly contact us immediately.

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