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Pet Products Packaging Bag

  • 4oz Pet Food Bag
  • 2kg Pet Food Bag
  • Chew Bone Bag
  • Dog Food Bag
  • Cat Food Bag
  • 2kg Dog Food Bag

The packaging bag design is customizable, and the above packaging bag pictures are offered for your reference only.

1. This packaging bag is used for packing pet food and pet supplies.
1) Pet toys, dog chews, dog toys, etc.
2) Pet food, such as dog treats, cat food, fish food, etc.
3) All kinds of cat litters, etc.
4) Pet mats.

2. According to the characteristics of all kinds of pet food, our pet products packaging bag can be made as 3 side seal bag, 4 side seal bag (quad seal bag), doypack (stand up pouch), zipper pouch, flat bottom bag (8 side seal bag), flat bottom zippered pouch, pillow bag, gusset bag, etc.
3. Main material: PET/PE, OPP/PE, PET/NY/PE, PET/AL/PE, etc.
4. We can produce the packing bag with transparent opening, and the other effect.
5. The bag shape, size, thickness, pattern, and printing effect can be customized in accordance with customer requirements.
6. The delivery time of the first order is 25 days including the period of plate making, from the second order the delivery time is 20 days.

Pet Pads Bag

3kg Rabbit
Food Bag

1.8kg Cat
Litter Bag

1.4kg Dog
Food Bag

Dog Pads Bag

800g Guinea
Pig Bag
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