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Bread Bag / Toast Bag

  • 6pcs Delicious Bag
  • 7pcs Happy Family Bag
  • 10pcs Leisure Time Bag
  • 7pcs Frest Tasted Bag
  • 7pcs Baking Bag
  • 10pcs Baking Bag

The packaging bag design is customizable, and the above packaging bag pictures are offered for your reference only.

1. This kind of bag is used for packaging toast, bread and other baked food.
2. Material: Food grade PE coated kraft paper, it is water-proof and oil-proof.
3. This bread packaging bag can be printed LOGO and patterns as per requirement.
4. This toast bag can package 4pcs, 6pcs, 7pcs and 10pcs of toast. It also can be divided into round bread bag, rectangular bread bag, European bread bag, and dinner roll bag.
5. We provide the sealing label of this packaging bag. The bag stock is rich, so it can deliver immediately.
6. The toast bag can be customized in accordance with customer requirements of size, and pattern.

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