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Rollstock for Automatic Packaging

  • Tomato Paste Roll
  • Biscuit Roll Stock
  • Cheese Roll
  • Dried Fruit Roll Stock
  • Coffee Powder Roll
  • Green Beans Roll Stock
  • Deoxidizer Roll Stock
  • Tea Powder Film
  • Protein Powder Roll
  • Licorice Roll Stock
  • Fertilizer Roll Film
  • Fertilizer Roll Stock

The packaging bag design is customizable, and the above packaging bag pictures are offered for your reference only.

1. The rollstock is applied to automatic packaging machine, it can be used for packing granular, powder, block, sauce, semi fluid, fluid, various of materials, and irregular materials. It features of high production efficiency, and low scrap rate.
2. Main material: BOPP/CPP, BOPP/PE, PET/PE, PET/AL/PE, NY/PE, etc. Thickness: 5 microns to 22 microns.
3. The packaging film width is from 50mm to 1000mm, according to the performance of packaging machine.
4. The delivery time of the first order is 20 days including the period of plate making, from the second order the delivery time is 15 days.
5. We can provide a small amount of similar bag samples for customers.

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