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Packaging Materials

    1. Food Packaging Bag

      According to the characteristics of all kinds of food, our food packaging bag can be made as 3 side seal bag, 4 side seal bag (quad seal bag), doypack (stand up pouch), zipper pouch, pillow bag, special or ordered bag style, also can be folded, etc.

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    1. Pet Products Packaging BagMain material: PET/PE, OPP/PE, PET/NY/PE, PET/AL/PE, etc.
      We can produce the packing bag with transparent opening, and the other effect.
      The bag shape, size, thickness, pattern, and printing effect can be customized in accordance with customer requirements.
    1. Coffee / Tea / Juice Packaging Bag

      Our packaging bag is used for packing coffee beans, instant coffee powder, milk powder, juice powder, tea, ice cream powder, yogurt powder, and so on.
      Powder bag capacity: 500g, 800g, 1000g;

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    1. Foil BagThe foil bag is widely used for packaging food, such as rice, meat, dried fish, sea food, preserved meat, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, frozen food, ham, bacon, sausage, cooked meat, pickled vegetables, bean paste, seasoning, etc.
    1. Bread Bag / Toast BagThis kind of bag is used for packaging toast, bread and other baked food.
      Material: Food grade PE coated kraft paper, it is water-proof and oil-proof.
      This bread packaging bag can be printed LOGO and patterns as per requirement.
    1. Packaging Bag for Daily Products, Chemicals, Electronic ComponentsOur packaging bag is used for packing daily products, chemicals, electronic components, such as hand washing liquid, washing liquid, washing powder, detergent, bath salts, goggles, toys, underwear, toothpick, rubber gloves, masks, plaster, test strip, health care products, pesticide, etc.
    1. Paper Bag / Laminated Printed Paper Bag

      Our laminated printed paper bag is used for packaging all kinds of candy, nuts, dried fruit, dried beef, red dates, bread flour, flour, sugar, freshly baked cake, French fries, etc., it also can be used as food packaging bag directly.

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    1. Rollstock for Automatic Packaging

      The rollstock is applied to automatic packaging machine, it can be used for packing granular, powder, block, sauce, semi fluid, fluid, various of materials, and irregular materials.

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    1. PVC Bag

      We can provide PVC and EVA soft bag, PVC/PP/PET hard bag, and all kinds of sewing bags according to the customer requirements.
      This plastic packaging bag can be printed LOGO and patterns as per requirement.

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    1. Printed Packaging BoxMain material: Coated paper, kraft paper. The paper weight is optional according to the needs, such as 80g, 120g, 150g.
      The printed box shape, size, pattern and print effect can be customized in accordance with customer requirements.
    1. Advertising ValanceThe advertising valance is used for the new products promotion and promotional activities. It can be used outdoors and indoors, and posted on any hard medium. Main material: PET, PET/PE, OPP/PE, etc.
    1. Vacuum Storage Bag

      Vacuum storage bag is used for storing quilts, blankets, down clothes, etc., it has the advantages of antibacterial, mildew proof, anti-moth, odor resistant. Material: NY/PE, thickness: 10-12 microns

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    1. BOPP Bag / Polyethylene BagBOPP/PE bag is used for packaging towel, brush, pencil, pen, pen nibs, slipcase, facial tissue, wet tissue, paper roll, etc.
      Material: BOPP, thickness: 3-8 filaments, the bag top can be provided with adhesive tape or hand hole.