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Contact Person: Esther Sang

  • Company Profile

  • KUNY Packaging are one of companies specialized in the flexible packaging production and sales. Our packaging materials include foil pouch, vaccum bag, gusset bag, resealed bag, retorted pouch, compounded rollstock, films, advertisement poster; all of which are used by different industries, like food and beverage, daily chemicals, toys, garments, agriculture, electronics and so on.

    Our factory have high-speed production facilities include 8-11colors gravure printing, laminating, cutting, bags-making. Every procedure are within strict quality control. With a wealth of years' experience, for customized packaging requirement, we can provide manual samples in short time, and propose amending suggestion on design and planning.

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  • Production Equipment

  • 1. Printers: the ten-color printers and six- to nine-color rotogravure printing machines owned by us, are all equipped with superior CNC automatic overprinting control system and on-line color display system. The printing speed of electronic shaft printer is up to 180 meters/minute. Its control system can ensure high speed and high quality printing under small tensions on plastic, paper, PET, OPP, and NY materials.

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  • Industrial Applications

  • We are engaged in printing industry for almost 12 years, in plate making industry for 7 years, and in international trade for 10 years, so we are familiar with advanced technology for producing packaging supplies and market requirements. With rich expertise and years of operational experience, we believe we will provide you with packaging products that are good both in quality and price, and therefore enhancing the image and influence of your products. Our packaging bags are widely used in the following industries.

    • Pesticide and fertilizer industry
      For packing a variety of pesticides or fertilizers in granules, powders, orliquid.

    • Pet food industry
      For packing pet food, cat litter, marten litter, goldfish food in various shapes-granules or powders; for packing pet sanitary pads, pet cooling pads.

    • Electronic supplies & clothing industry
      For packing print cartridges, toner cartridges, electronic components, parts, precision instruments; all kinds of underwear, shapewear, pants and so on.

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  • Our Advantages

  • Packaging Bag Customization

    Focusing on customer satisfaction, we can understand and forecast customer demand, create new and favorable packaging bags and provide heart-to-heart services. Firmly we believe that good service starts from production and goes through the whole sales process, and the service should be flexible to meet different requirements. Based on good service, we provide the most effective technical solutions. Our delivery time is 20 days for first-time orders, including the design and plate making period. For second-time orders of the same packaging products, the delivery time can be shortened to 16 days.

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  • Customer Cases

    • Koushuiwa: Suzhou Koushuiwa Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is a listed company in beam food industry in China. Fried broad beans, multi-flavored peanuts are their primary products, and other products include dairy, roasted, and puffed products. According to their marketing strategies, we designed the packaging bags for them to enhance product images and help with their business development.

    • Takaokayash: when the customer was looking for a packaging supplier, the hard texture was always a problem. To solve the problem and make the packaging better, we changed the raw materials and improved the recipe of the packaging for them.

    • Bi Feng Tang: Bi Feng Tang started in 1998, providing Hong Kong-style dishes and snacks. We understand the customer's planning concept, and highlight the snack packaging with beautiful designs to achieve a lasting showing effect.

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