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Agrochemical Packaging Bag

Our agrochemical packaging bags are a durable and tightly sealed solution for packaging fertilizer and chemicals for gardening and farming. Complying with international standards, these fertilizer bags can be customized to be different sizes, multiple colors or laminated. Send us your logo and image, and we'll print them on the fertilizer bags for you.

Agrochemical Packaging Bags Available With
1. Zippers and handle
2. Open mouth stitched or pasted bottoms
3. A spout can be added for liquid fertilizers.

Features of the Agrochemical Packaging Bags
1. These agrochemical packaging bags are made with gussets so they are more easily stacked in warehouses or supermarket and take up less space when transporting. We can print with normal or center gusset printing.
2. We also offer EZ open fertilizer bags, which can be opened easily at the mouth.
3. Sizes to hold anywhere from 10g to 50kgs of granular or powdered fertilizer.
4. We can provide a liner separately or inside the agrochemical bag with or without a bottom stitch.

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