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Contact Person: Esther Sang

Customer Cases

  • Koushuiwa: Suzhou Koushuiwa Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is a listed company in beam food industry in China. Fried broad beans, multi-flavored peanuts are their primary products, and other products include dairy, roasted, and puffed products. According to their marketing strategies, we designed the packaging bags for them to enhance product images and help with their business development.

  • Takaokayash: when the customer was looking for a packaging supplier, the hard texture was always a problem. To solve the problem and make the packaging better, we changed the raw materials and improved the recipe of the packaging for them.

  • Bi Feng Tang: Bi Feng Tang started in 1998, providing Hong Kong-style dishes and snacks. We understand the customer's planning concept, and highlight the snack packaging with beautiful designs to achieve a lasting showing effect.

  • Youi: Suzhou Youi Foods Co. Ltd. specializes in producing peanut, bean, and pea snacks, aiming to provide people with healthy, nutritious, and all-natural green foods. We designed a seamless packaging style, making the packs better looking and improving product image.

  • Kunshan Dongju: we give full play to the style wanted by the customer, and we show it with a sense of layering. The design triggers hot sales of their products on the market.