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Coffee Bag

For coffee shops and cafes that grind their own coffee, selling pre-packaged coffee beans and coffee grounds is a great way to increase sales and let people take a bit of your store home with them. Preserving the fresh taste and aroma of coffee beans or ground needs high quality sealed bags, which is why we provide coffee bags in different sizes and colors, including unprinted bags,tin tie bags, burlap coffee bags, paper coffee bags, and coffee bags with valves which make it easy to pour out coffee beans without spilling.

Tin tie bags are a trendy and versatile option, while the unprinted coffee bags with zippers are available in white, brown, silver, black and red. For custom orders, we design attractive looking bags using your company logo to stand out on the shelf. A minimum order of 2,000 stand up pouches is required, but at affordable prices, anyone from large retail distributors to small scale cafes can order quality coffee bags.

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