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Packaging Bag Customization

Focusing on customer satisfaction, we can understand and forecast customer demand, create new and favorable packaging bags and provide heart-to-heart services. Firmly we believe that good service starts from production and goes through the whole sales process, and the service should be flexible to meet different requirements. Based on good service, we provide the most effective technical solutions. Our delivery time is 20 days for first-time orders, including the design and plate making period. For second-time orders of the same packaging products, the delivery time can be shortened to 16 days.

1. Based on your demand and market positioning, we provide packaging design and planning service. We master industry-leading technologies such as the local bronzing, UV, aluminum wash, paper-plastic lamination, paper-plastic lamination with windows, and the reverse overprinting. The local bronzing and UV can be used to highlight your LOGO or product features; the package with windows meets your requirements of paper consumption and enables the users to clearly see the items in the package.

2. Design draft review before processing. Without changing your original design, we make suggestions for little modification towards better feasibility, thus making your products appear more exquisite. For example, when designing laminating roll films, we will take the packaging effect into consideration. If you want the package to seamless, please let us know in advance. Too small letters and logos will be properly adjusted to make sure that they will be clearly and beautifully printed. Designs made by Illustrator or Photoshop are preferred.

3. Plate and roller production: specifications of bags and parameters of printer will both be taken into consideration by us when developing a reasonable printing plate. Quality of the plate and roller is crucial to ensuring good printing quality. The photo above shows our printing plates. We use one plate for each color. Should you have any question about the number of colors, do not hesitate to contact us for confirmation.

4. Color confirmation before printing: before printing in batches, we will confirm the color with you and explain the layer transfer printing philosophy; the color of the sample for pre-print confirmation will be taken as final. The two photos above show a real sample of bag made in batch together with its design printed on paper. When compared, there are no substantial differences between them.

5. Shape and style of bags being made will be monitored, and the way of packaging them is also checked to ensure the compliance with transport requirements;

6. Make your ideas come true! We can create packaging designs for you and work with you to make ideal packages. If you are not satisfied with your existing packaging style and seeking for improvement, we can also modify your existing design and make samples, and you can choose the style you like.

7. Years of international trade practice enable us to expertly making and sending import and export documents.