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Packaging Bags Industrial Applications

We are engaged in printing industry for almost 12 years, in plate making industry for 7 years, and in international trade for 10 years, so we are familiar with advanced technology for producing packaging supplies and market requirements. With rich expertise and years of operational experience, we believe we will provide you with packaging products that are good both in quality and price, and therefore enhancing the image and influence of your products. Our packaging bags are widely used in the following industries.

  • Pesticide and fertilizer industry
    For packing a variety of pesticides or fertilizers in granules, powders, orliquid.

  • Pet food industry
    For packing pet food, cat litter, marten litter, goldfish food in various shapes-granules or powders; for packing pet sanitary pads, pet cooling pads.

  • Electronic supplies & clothing industry
    For packing print cartridges, toner cartridges, electronic components, parts, precision instruments; all kinds of underwear, shapewear, pants and so on.

  • Food industry
    For packing a variety of food, including puffed food, preserves, biscuits, dried fruit, dried vegetables, dried or fresh pasta, nuts, bean food, rice dumplings, beef jerky, candy, bread, cheese, dates, seafood, health products, tea, instant coffee, coffee, tea powder, concentrated fruit juice, ketchup, jam, rice, pickles, and the like.

  • Personal care & cosmetics industry
    For packing daily necessities including bathrobes, bath salts, toothpicks, cleaners, hand soaps, laundry detergents, personal care products, toys, medical test strips, mask or eye mask,lotion or cream samples, etc;