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    1. Tea Packaging Bag

      Tea packaging pouches also come in different sizes and styles according to customer specifications. Stand up pouches can incorporate a zipper to keep tea fresh for a long time after the bag is first opened.

    1. Nuts Packaging

      Nuts packaging bags are available in different shapes and sizes, depending on the content. These snack bags can be designed according to customer requirements.

    1. Coffee Bag

      Preserving the fresh taste and aroma of coffee beans or ground needs high quality sealed bags, which is why we provide coffee bags in different sizes and colors, including unprinted bags, tin tie bags ...

    1. Pet Food Packaging Bag

      With a gusset-style bottom, this pet food bag has a strong and stable base so it can stand up on the supermarket shelf or in your home pantry among your other pet supplies without spilling and causing a mess.

    1. Nutrition Bar Packaging

      With 9 color rotogravure printing available, we offer customer friendly features such as a tear notch, euro slot, and easy tear lamination. Laminations, done in either cold-sealing or heat-sealing, preserve the taste and texture of the nuts, dried fruit and other ingredients in your granola bar.

    1. Whey Protein Packaging

      Using the latest industry technology, we've designed whey protein packaging with various film barriers to preserve the product's freshness and effectiveness. Then we laminate our health supplement packaging to protect the labels from getting torn or damaged in storage or in transport.

    1. Cosmetic Packaging Bag

      If foundation and makeup aren't sealed properly, they quickly dry up, wasting the entire container and frustrating users. That's why our development team has designed cosmetic packaging bag that keeps products fresh and uncontaminated, even if stored for a long period of time.

    1. Agrochemical Packaging Bag

      Our agrochemical packaging bags are a durable and tightly sealed solution for packaging fertilizer and chemicals for gardening and farming. Complying with international standards, these fertilizer bags can be customized to be different sizes, multiple colors or laminated.