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Production Equipment

Our factory is well equipped for producing various packaging bags.

1. Printers: the ten-color printers and six- to nine-color rotogravure printing machines owned by us, are all equipped with superior CNC automatic overprinting control system and on-line color display system. The printing speed of electronic shaft printer is up to 180 meters/minute. Its control system can ensure high speed and high quality printing under small tensions on plastic, paper, PET, OPP, and NY materials.

2. Laminating machine: our company owns several dry laminating machines and extrusion laminating machines, which can produce high-quality 2-layer, 3-layer, and 4-layer laminated products. We take a lead in using the solventless laminating equipment imported from Europe that can better suit the global trend of green packaging.

3. Slitter: our slitters all have automatic control systems, which can provide packaging roll films or roll films for making pouches as required by customers.

4. Bag making machine: we sourced various automatic bag making machines and zipper machines from abroad, making laminated films into bags to meet the needs of different industries. The bag maker can produce back seal bags, T seal bags, side seal bags, zipper bags, and can make hanging holes and tearing notches in different shapes and sizes.